Bear Glass is the 4th generation family business specializing in both architectural and custom Sandblasted Glass. Here at Bear Glass we utilize over 25,000 sqft to its maximum allowing us to create a one stop source for all your Sandblasted Glassneeds. We stock a large variety of glass and mirrors and offer many different types of fabrication along with your sandblasting designs.

In the world of Sandblasted Glass there are two techniques, etching and carving. Etching is when abrasive is blasted at the glass lightly to give the glass a frosty appearance. Depending on the speed and angle the abrasive is being applied, different shades can be created, allowing the glass to be a true work of art. Carving on the other hand is when steadily sandblasting is done to the surface of a glass using stencil which protects the areas you don't want to be carved out. Sandblasting as a technique for carving can be much nuanced, with differing depths and angles of cuts creating an array of lighting effects that may be quite beautiful.
We also do Custom Sandblasted Glass.
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